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So finally, the much awaited interview call letter has arrived! Now you are all thumbs and jitters as anticipation, thrill, and fear run riot within – and gyan is the last thing you need as you do your prep for interview. So whether its interview by phone, zoom interview, or F2F, take a deep breath and quickly run through what you should not do.

Dressing Inappropriately

  • Strike a balance between formal and casual – keep those legs covered girls! And although you don’t have to wear a suit, no shorts or jeans either please. Just something sensible depending upon which country and state you are in.

Being late

  • Nothing can be worse than this. It shows how unprofessional and careless you can be besides making you even more nervous than you already are. And no employer wants a careless employee who just can’t be bothered to be on time.

Being too early 

  • Just shows how desperate you are besides possibly upsetting the interviewer. And cooling your heels in the reception won’t boost your confidence any so just leave enough time to complete any formalities – 10 to 15 minutes – and a bit above that.

Not bringing your CV

  • Ok so the world is digital and you’d think your employer has the resume you emailed them. Think again! It’s not good to be so presumptuous. Your CV is the most basic document which you should have with you. You should carry other important docs too – such as your call letter and certificates.


  • It’s different from humility. Being humble is good – being self-effacing is not. While you should be humble enough to accept your faults you should also show your grit and demonstrate that you can get the job done.

Talking too much

  • It’s ok to ask a few questions and even express your dreams – but don’t go overboard. Talking too much about yourself and your aspirations is a BIG NO – so get a firm grip on that tongue.

Talking too little

  • Talking too much is bad – saying too little can be worse. You might think you are playing safe by answering all questions in a word or two but that just show how nervous, uncertain and insecure you are.

Getting Personal

  • Ok so you know this interviewer or have met him or her before. That does not give you permission to bring personalities into the conversation. Oh, we’re not suggesting you’ll talk about home and family but even that subtle glance or eye contact is not done.

Bringing your phone

  • Well we understand it is necessary – but put it on silent mode – or better yet turn it off for that brief period when you are in the interview room – and yes keep it in your pocket or purse!


  1. Yes, we know you won’t carry a beer can into the interview room or even a juice. But even when you have your bottle of water with you, fishing it out and drinking from it – without permission – is impolite. If you must take a sip, ask first. Better yet ask and take a sip from the glass that’s likely placed before you.

Being ambiguous

  1. If you know the answer say it if not say so. Giving vague answers won’t help – it will only show you up.

Not listening

  1. You may have heard the question but not understood it because you weren’t paying attention – or you genuinely did not understand. Either way, politely requesting for the question to be repeated – or even for an explanation – is better than bumbling and fumbling.

Bad Mouthing or Praising

  1. NEVER bad mouth previous employers and NEVER praise the prospective employer too much. The former tells them you’ll bad mouth them too and the later seems superficial.


  1. It’s fine to be proud of your achievements but thinking they are the master key to any door is not. So pipe down.


  1. You’re not lying outright but you’re not completely forthcoming either – and it shows. Especially when you gloat or smirk about it – and even when you don’t. Remember your body language speaks volumes.

Wanting Something Else

  1. Ok so this one is not your dream job. You’re just here because there was no other option. Telling the interviewer this – or even indicating this through your facial expression or body language is sure to kill your chances.

Not knowing what you want

  1. This is worse than knowing and gloating. If you yourself are not sure where you want to go, how can you tell someone else? Clarity is paramount.

Ok so that’s it. Can you think of anything else? We’re listening. If not put on your confident face and go for it!

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