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The Story of BYN

BYN was a direct outcome of the Corona virus Pandemic Lockdown situation. A veteran freelance content writer found business sagging and decided to create an independent blog.

Leveraging her content writing skills, she began looking for a niche. Being closely associated with academics she decided to write about that niche – and BYN was born.


The Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown situation has forced both parents and students to operate from home. Teachers are faced with new challenges every day – from pay cuts to becoming tech savvy overnight – they had their hands full.

On the other hand parents while adapting to WFH (Work From Home) were juggling family work, household, and academics – no mean feat.

This left the children rudderless and parents as well as teachers scrambling– Enter BYN.

At BYN we attempt to collate all the information that a parent – or teacher – may need to educate children. We try to answer questions like –

  1. Should I home school my child?
  2. Will schools reopen?
  3. What curriculum should I follow?
  4. Will my child get admission to the next grade after studying at home?
  5. What will happen after SSC – and other – results are declared?

You can find answers to these and thousands of other questions that parents ask.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question – or if you need any more information – just ask.