Are IQ scores accurate – How to interpret IQ Scores


Introduction IQ (intelligence quotient) tests have been around for over a century, and they continue to be a popular tool for measuring intelligence. However, the accuracy and usefulness of these tests have been a subject of debate among experts and the general public alike. Some people argue that IQ scores are accurate measures of intelligence, … Read more

What is the Holistic Learning Approach and why it is important

It is the desire of most parents to raise their children in a way that they grow to become responsible, empathetic, well-mannered, and sensible individuals. Teachers aim to provide a diverse and deep knowledge about subject matter. The Holistic Learning approach helps parents – in coordination with teachers – achieve these goals.

Why Is My Child Slow? Understanding and Addressing Developmental Delays

Is your child struggling with academics? Learn why intervention is important and how you (parent) can help.


Discover what IQ tests are, how they measure cognitive ability and intelligence, and why they’re important for educational and career decisions. Get valuable insights into your cognitive strengths and weaknesses with IQ tests. Learn more now!

14 Myths – What People say about Learning a New Language


It’s not right to call them myths. They’re really nothing but excuses. Why else do some people walk right through them and learn while others are always “thinking about it?” So here are some of the most popular myths or reasons why people don’t learn languages – or anything else for that matter.

Learning Disabilities – Myths and Facts that every Parent should know

Parents fret and even panic when their child is unable to match speed with his peers. One reason could be a learning disability. So if you are the parent of an under performing child – or even if you are not – let’s debunk some myths about SPED and LD.

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How to engage learners in virtual classrooms

Of all the challenges teachers and schools faced during the pandemic, perhaps the biggest was to engaging students in learning. Blogyourniches brings you some ways in which you can improve cognitive engagement in your virtual school.