Managing Your Student Loan

As you get your first ever paycheck, you dream of romantic dates and a beer with friends. You want to visit all the places you dreamt about and save something when you settle down, buy a home, and start your family. But your student loan EMI bites into your salary.

What is the Holistic Learning Approach and why it is important

It is the desire of most parents to raise their children in a way that they grow to become responsible, empathetic, well-mannered, and sensible individuals. Teachers aim to provide a diverse and deep knowledge about subject matter. The Holistic Learning approach helps parents – in coordination with teachers – achieve these goals.

Understanding Student Loans

While admission to a top-rated college or university remains the #1 ticket to success, escalating costs have put this beyond the reach of many. Student loans are a welcome relief. Here’s all yu need to know.


The decision to send children back to school rests with the parents - and in India, parents are as yet reluctant to send their children back to school.

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