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Here’s wishing all of you a very Happy Ganesh Festival, Teachers Day, Navratri, …. ! During these festive times, almost everyone is in a joyous mood so we thought, why not take a breather and regroup? Come September we have a lot in store for you so tighten your seatbelts. Ready?

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If you are following us on Facebook, you might have already seen these posts, or you may have seen them on LinkedIn. Thought Posts are posts that request a quick response from you the reader – usually it’s just a YES or a NO – to show that you agree or disagree with the sentiment.

For instance do you agree that doing away with enforced languages up to grade 6 is good or bad? Or it may be slightly longer like – What was your experience with online FYJC ADMISSIONS?

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In the wings

We are planning some new rollouts such as a series of TOP TENS and a new blog – here’s a quick peek.

The Top 10!

The series will potentially review the top ten colleges, schools, coaching classes, and more in each city and / or state. Charity as they say begins at home and so does everything else so we plan to first bring you TOP TEN IN INDIA. Once this takes off we’ll travel the world with you by our side.

Had a thought? Quick! Share it before it slips away!

Interspersed among the TOP TEN you will see blogs on how to secure admission in the college / university / school of your choice and other aspects and issues relating to education.

It is likely, the actual lists may come with our newsletter so be sure to subscribe if you want the list.

HR Rollout

Also on the cards is the roll out of our Career and Recruitment blog which we hope will ease the transition of graduates to the corporate world. Even as students approach their final year, they gear up not only to excel in their final University exams but also to face campus selection interviews. We hope to ease this journey from campus to corporate and eventually to the C-Suite and beyond.


By bringing information about career choices, resources, professional courses, skill enhancement, recruitment agencies, resume writing services, and more to their doorstep – or Inbox. No matter whether you studied to be a doctor or engineer, have done your MBA or LLB, or you are looking for a 9-5 administrative job or planning to work from home – no matter what your dream, BYN will bring you industry information and recruitment resources – so don’t forget to stay tuned.

Writers Ahoy!

Want to write under your own name? BYN will show you how – so gear up! Register now and we’ll send you details once this is off the drawing board.

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And of course, as we never tire of saying … Tell us what we can do better.

BYN believes in saying it like it is. We bring you the facts – you interpret them.

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