How much do freelancers earn?

That’s what every budding freelancer asks – and rightly so. After all, why would anyone work for free? After being looked down upon for decades, freelancing has emerged as a lucrative source of income in the post-pandemic era.

Dos and Don’ts for Salary Negotiation

Salary discuss kar lein?” said Jayant Kripalani to Sherman Joshi a.k.a. Raju Rastogi in 3 Idiots. You’re hired, you’ve received the long awaited acceptance letter – oops acceptance email – and it’s time to talk money. You’re super excited yet nervous – even if it’s your tenth job.

What Recruiters Look for in your CV

Aside from your Aadhar or Social Security card, your CV is perhaps the most important document in your life showcasing your qualifications and mapping your career trajectory. The question that most candidates ask is, “What do Recruiters look for in a CV?” BYN has an answer.

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