Top Colleges in Mumbai

Mumbai is the knowledge hub of India. Students flock here not just to complete their education, but also to learn about the fast-paced corporate world and to take their first step on their career path. Here’s a list of the top colleges in the financial capital of India.



After COO Ray Lane left Oracle, Forbes reported that Oracle stocks fell by more than $6 after the breakup. Rumor said that without Lane, Ellison – the then CEO – was handicapped. Are COOs that important?


Known for its scenic beauty, ice hockey, maple syrup, and a culture of politeness, Canada is also a popular post graduate student destination. Here are some of the best choices if you wish to study in this great country.

What does a CMO – Chief Marketing Officer – do?

The pandemic saw enforced digitization and an outcrop of digital marketers. But marketing is much more than that. So if you aspire to be the CMO – the highest post in marketing – here’s what you need to know.

Best Universities in Japan for International Students


Japan, a small island in north-east Asia known for 100% enrolment and zero-literacy has one of the best education systems in the world. Here’s a glimpse into some of the best Japanese universities for international students.

What Does a CFO Do?


If you are a commerce graduate aspiring for the C-Suite you’re likely aiming to become the CFO – Chief Financial Officer – of your organization. Here’s a peek into what that position entails.

What does a CITO (Chief IT Officer) do?


A CTO, CIO, or CITO is a part of the C-Suite and offers technical support to organizational strategy. Is the scope of work limited to suggesting technological upgrades or is there more to the role?

Best Universities in Singapore

University in Singapore

The thrill of travelling to a new country all by yourself is exhilarating. But when you are doing so to educate yourself one of the most difficult decisions to make is your destination country and University. We’re bringing you some of the top colleges around the globe where you can get the course you desire.



Commerce is no longer the “safe bet” it used to be. There are numerous career choices available after both 12th and B.Com. Take a look at our list and click on the one that fascinates you.

Being CEO for a day

Live the CEO Life

Have you ever wanted to be CEO for a day? Imagine ….You leave your workplace after 6 PM every Friday and are back at 8 AM the next day.


We’ve taken up the baton and decided to give you a run down about the different jobs and what you’ll be doing if you apply and secure these jobs. Here’s our first attempt. Let us know if this was helpful and what more you’d like us to review.

Why Do Companies Ask For Years of Experience (YoE)?


It’s a frustrating catch-22 situation – every job you apply for requires experience and you cannot get experience without first landing a job – but it’s not as bad as you think. Knowing why recruiters ask for YoE may help.

Managing Your Student Loan


As you get your first ever paycheck, you dream of romantic dates and a beer with friends. You want to visit all the places you dreamt about and save something when you settle down, buy a home, and start your family. But your student loan EMI bites into your salary.

What is the Holistic Learning Approach and why it is important


It is the desire of most parents to raise their children in a way that they grow to become responsible, empathetic, well-mannered, and sensible individuals. Teachers aim to provide a diverse and deep knowledge about subject matter. The Holistic Learning approach helps parents – in coordination with teachers – achieve these goals.

Why is my child slow?

The Cycle of Comprehension - Image

Is your child struggling with academics? Learn why intervention is important and how you (parent) can help.

What is an Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) and how does it help you?


You’ve completed your X or XII and you arrive at the campus ready for a fresh start while internally fretting about how you will fund your education. And there you are met by a smiling education counselor who tells you that you can do your course without paying a single penny upfront! Is this possible?

How much do freelancers earn?

That’s what every budding freelancer asks – and rightly so.
After all, why would anyone work for free? After being looked down upon for decades, freelancing has emerged as a lucrative source of income in the post-pandemic era.

Where can you get a student loan in India?

Student loans help those with financial constraints pursue their academics and pay for it from the salary they earn later in life. Here are some options for getting that education loan.

14 Myths – What People say about Learning a New Language


It’s not right to call them myths. They’re really nothing but excuses. Why else do some people walk right through them and learn while others are always “thinking about it?” So here are some of the most popular myths or reasons why people don’t learn languages – or anything else for that matter.

11 Positive steps to avoid Harassment at Work

workplace harassment

There are laws against it and company policies too! Even so, complaints against sexual harassment – and harassment in other forms are rampant.
Here are a few steps you can take.


student loan

Parents begin fretting about education expenses often even before the birth of the child. They =create funds, investments, and work hard to deposit money into these funds – but there’s a better way to fund your child’s education.

When a Woman Decides to Resume her Career

Maternity and care for elders are the top two reasons why women quit. The good news is that while earlier it was for good now it is just a career break. That is not to say it’s easy to jump right back in.

Understanding Student Loans

While admission to a top-rated college or university remains the #1 ticket to success, escalating costs have put this beyond the reach of many. Student loans are a welcome relief. Here’s all yu need to know.

Should I raise a Multilingual Child?

With more and more people travelling to far-off places, multilingualism is the order of the day. So should we encourage our kids to learn more languages than they already do?

Dos and Don’ts for Salary Negotiation

Salary discuss kar lein?” said Jayant Kripalani to Sherman Joshi a.k.a. Raju Rastogi in 3 Idiots. You’re hired, you’ve received the long awaited acceptance letter – oops acceptance email – and it’s time to talk money. You’re super excited yet nervous – even if it’s your tenth job.

Government Jobs in India

Public Sector Jobs

The #1 reason why people select government jobs over private sector jobs is job security. But that’s not the only reason. Here are some prestigious high paying government postings that will do you proud.


student loan

Parents begin fretting about education expenses often even before the birth of the child. They =create funds, investments, and work hard to deposit money into these funds – but there’s a better way to fund your child’s education.

What does a CHRO do?


Here’s a quick rundown on what a CHRO does. Looking at some other post or designation? Do let us know.

What Recruiters Look for in your CV


Aside from your Aadhar or Social Security card, your CV is perhaps the most important document in your life showcasing your qualifications and mapping your career trajectory. The question that most candidates ask is, “What do Recruiters look for in a CV?” BYN has an answer.

Free vs Paid Online Courses – Which is better?

Students completing their K12 or HSC are often at a loss when it comes to choosing a course for further studies. BYN highlights the different delivery models for online courses to help you make the right choice.

Top Education Systems in the World

An internet search for top education systems in the world shows different rankings on different sites. Because of this anomaly, we have selected four of the more popular student destinations and describe their education systems here.
Do tell us if you’re looking for another destination.

Can you have a career without education in India?

About a fourth of the Indian population is illiterate – does not possess the skill to read and write. But being illiterate is different from uneducated. The question is Is literacy enough to be able to pursue a career? How is this possible?