We’ve talked about college life and careers. We’ve discussed tips for freshers. We’ve talked about DRIP (Determine Research Identify Plan) strategy for career. In fact, we’ve talked about a whole lot of things.


We’ve also discussed resume formats but if you are aiming to climb the proverbial ladder there are a bunch of skills you should consider amassing even as you study for your Sem-Finale – or perhaps earlier. Here they are for you –


The end goal for any boss is to get the job done – period. There’s no space for dallying – intentional or not. If you don’t do it – or get it done – somebody else will. That’s not to say you should accept and fulfil all ethical and unethical orders. By all means choose what you can – or will – do or not. But once you commit make damn sure it happens.

Thick Skinnedness

Is that even a word? Skinedness? Well be that as it may, what we mean to say here is that you should be able to look past the coffee pot and pointed fingers. Look out also for the rat and the snake – and ignore them. If you have what it takes go for it. Turn your back and conduct the music – the audience will applaud for sure.

Problem Solving

Yes it’s been written to death yet we write it here once again. Why? During your career you’ll encounter many problems – both in your personal career growth path as well the work you do. Taking every little problem to the boss never works – and if you must present it along with a solution – the best one you have. Dallying is for daises. Look crisp and do the job – or find a solution to present.


Eeew! Who likes opinionated people? But perspectives matter – and so does decision making. Straddling the fence may seem like the save way out but don’t forget fortune favors the bold. So don’t be afraid to speak your mind – honestly and clearly. Great ideas and insights showcase your knowledge and understanding as well as your ability to act upon them – a definite plus don’t you think?

Organization and Structure

Before you work for an organization get organized yourself – not just physically but mentally too. A mentally structured and organized person can put his idea, perspective, or thoughts much more easily and clearly. You can also express yourself in multiple ways to ensure everyone in your audience understands. An organized and structured mind can win almost any argument.

Learn Computer Basics


Any corporate job involves creating and executing presentations. This does not only mean knowing how to create power point slides – though that is of course important. What we mean by presentation here is the ability to stand before a group – or an audience – often senior and more knowledgeable than you. It can be intimidating to say the least. So when you open up those slides on your computer, you should practice before the proverbial mirror.


Doctors and Lawyers tell their clients only what they (the clients) need to know. Saying what needs to be said in as few words as possible is an art worth learning. When briefing your boss or subordinate – coming straight to the point and explaining what you need is important. It’s also helpful in writing memos, office notes, and other documents. Brevity often emerges out of structure so this underlines the previous point.

Take a personality development course


If you’re hoping to climb the proverbial ladder patience is one thing you’re going to need in abundance. In today’s world of startups, people are accustomed to a fast paced life where growth happens by leaps and bounds and things get done with a single click. But in the corporate world things move much more slowly. Call it bureaucracy if you like but that’s the way it works.

Computer Basics

A very fundamental skill these days – but there are many who are still not computer and internet savvy so if you are one of those brush up on these skills. You should also learn a little bit about how the internet works, networking, and website structures – a little bit about the backend – so that at the very least, you don’t find yourself at a loss for words. A short course in MS Office will be a great start.

Soft Skills

Ask any MBA graduate what are soft skills and he’ll rattle off the words Leadership, Teamwork., Communication Skills., Problem-Solving Skills., Work Ethic., Adaptability, Interpersonal Skills – most likely in that exact same order. Recitation and practice are two different things though – so it’s important to inculcate them because they’ll definitely help you through your corporate career journey.

Leverage your transferrable skills

Personal Branding

It’s a term that’s being thrown about a lot these days. You may be selling your company’s product or service and working under your FLM or VP. But never forget that if you want to go places, you must sell yourself too – and that’s exactly what personal branding is all about. So whether you are at a company event or in your client’s office – whether you are pitching to investors or to the board – always remember that you are selling yourself along with your idea.

Climbing the corporate ladder can be as good – or bad depending upon your perspective – as entrepreneurship or working with a startup. The decision is ultimately yours and yours alone – but BYN will stand by you and bring you information from around the globe. Join us on Facebook and stay tuned.

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