With disrupted education and uncertain future, children along with their parents are confused regarding the best academic path to follow.

While children in elementary (primary) or high school (secondary) have a new year’s curriculum to look forward to, those at crucial landmark stages of academics are wondering – and worrying – about the future course of action.

For instance, students awaiting their SSC, HSC, or graduation results are uncertain whether colleges will reopen and whether they will gain admittance into the college, stream, or post graduation course of their choice.

What one must bear in mind is that every problem has a solution and so does the coronavirus pandemic situation.

In this situation – or even under normal circumstances – children awaiting their SSC results – or other outcome – usually take up a skill development course to prepare themselves for the future.

Fresh graduates and post-grads poised to enter the corporate world yet apprehensive about what’s in store can enrol for courses that focus on skills required to crack the first interview or succeed as the next team leader, manager, or executive.

What are skill development courses?

A skill development course may be described as a certificate course that enhances your capability in a particular craft, task, functionality, or niche – such as MS-Office or GST computation.

For instance, you  may have topped his CFA (Chartered Financial Accounts) finals, yet you may be less than confident about functional knowledge – such as knowledge of Excel, SQL, presentation, or report writing –and hence – at the time of recruitment – you may be passed over in favour of another lesser qualified – but skilled – candidate.

Skill development courses help bridge the campus to corporate gap

Which Skill Development Course should you take up?

This would depend upon what you envision for your future. In the millennium, with ever-increasing access to the internet and other resources, most students have a fair understanding of their future prospects and a better vision of the future than the earlier generations.

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They may therefore take up skill development courses best suited to their academic and career choice. There are however, certain skills that are suitable for all professions and careers. These skills will stand you in good stead no matter what stage of your career you are at and where you are headed.

Difference between Skill Development and Vocational Courses

A vocational course is one that trains you in industry specific skills and qualifies you to apply for and secure a job in your chosen industry. A skill development course on the other hand is one that provides short-term training in the skills that will aid you in your chosen career path.

Essentially, the difference is three fold –

  1. The duration of a vocational course is usually a year or two years while that of a skill development course is much shorter – say a month to 6 months.
  2. The syllabus for vocational courses comprises of a specific craft – such as Weaving or Computer Programming – that will train you for your occupation. Skill development courses are supportive in nature offering complementary skills that will help you throughout your career path.
  3. A vocational course is usually offered by an institution affiliated to a government-recognized board or university while a skill development course is offered by a private institution.

Why take up a skill development course?

From typing and shorthand in the 70s, and 80s to computer literacy and soft skills around the turn of the century – skill development – or up-skilling – has always been a part of student life. Like everything else though, skill development has had its share of myths – the biggest ones being they are something to while away the time and that they are a waste of time and money.

The myth that Skill Development Courses are irrelevant or unnecessary – was never farther from the truth

The biggest advantage of taking up a skill development course is that, it gives you insight into the industry – even before you appear for your first interview or complete your graduation. In fact, it may even help you succeed at interviews – particularly during campus selection.

Skill development trainers teach their craft in a fun and engaging way, and give you a feel of the real thing.

You could liken it with immersive virtual learning, and that’s not all – you will also gain much needed confidence in your chosen profession or career as well as knowledge about the spectrum of opportunities available within the industry. In fact, is not unheard of, for a candidate to change his academic course or career path consequent upon completion of a skill development course. And the icing on the cake, – skill development trainers can often secure a job placement – or at least an internship – for their students through their industry network – which means you step straight from campus to corporate.

Where can you find Skill Development Courses?

Yes! That’s the million-dollar question! More importantly though, – what skill do you wish to – or should – acquire?

That of course would depend upon the career path you have chosen – but there are also generic courses that would prep you for the corporate world.

For instance, the Campus to Corporate offered by Learning Equinox prepares a fresh graduate or under-graduate (HSC passed) for the corporate world. The course is open to students of course, but they also have colleges and corporate on board, who retain them to conduct training sessions from time to time.

What does the LE C2C course offer?

  1. Soft Skills – The skills a novice would require to enter any conference or meeting with confidence.
  2. Team Building – Activities aimed at developing a team spirit and co-working attitude.
  3. MS Office – Basic computer skills such as MS-Word, MS-Excel, and Power Point
  4. Presentation Skills – Skills required for effectively presenting concepts, ideas, projects and more.
  5. Getting ready to climb the corporate ladder- by preparing for Interviews, Group Discussions, and more

There are also a few other related topics covered – but this is the gist of the course.

Sounds good? You can sign up right now; or learn more about the course before you sign up.

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