Children these days are glued to smart phones or tablets. Parents call this digital addiction. Think about it though – are parents too not glued to their devices? The COVID19 lockdown situation has forced the issue further requiring parents to work from home and children to learn from home.

Rather than resisting it therefore, let’s leverage this digital addiction and channel the energy of our little tech geniuses in the right direction.

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Ready? Jump to Educational Apps.


Education has been evolving since time immemorial. The new wave of digitization has driven an outcrop of start-ups in the education industry – collectively called ed-tech.

These start-ups offer a plethora of resources and services from home tutors to online courses, study material, test series, and preparatory material for competitive exams.

The question whether the concept of self-paced learning – learning at your own speed – evolved from these stat-ups, or vice versa is moot. What is important is to understand that these apps and services offer students an opportunity to study when they like, how they like, and at their own pace.

These apps may supplement school academics or help homeschoolers learn concepts in a different way.

Here we have collated 10 of the most popular self-learning apps and presented a snapshot for you.

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Without further ado, here are some self-learning apps that can help with your child’s academics. We’ve got the ratings from JustDial and a few other sources.

What do these apps do?

  • They supplement what your child learns in school
  • They help you find books and other material
  • They help your child understand concepts
  • They provide a fun and interesting way to learn
  • They adapt to your child’s learning aptitude
  • They use the method your child likes best – his mobile phone or tablet

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Ready? Here goes …

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