The COVID 19 lockdown has forced the hand of parents, teachers, and children – requiring them to communicate from a distance. Even before the pandemic situation however, there existed a rising curiosity about home schooling. Coronavirus has served to bring this to the forefront.

Of the many questions that parents ask about home schooling, one that resonates is – where can I find a tutor to home school my child?

If you are determined to home school your child, jump to the list of apps. If you are still debating, read on.

Need for and Evolution of Home Tutors

Traditionally, children went to school to learn and parents played a supportive role. The last few decades have brought about a change in the educational landscape of India. There is a subtle but definite shift in focus from certification to knowledge. There is also a shift in the family and social structure with a preponderance of nuclear families with both spouses working. With these shifts has evolved a need for home tutors.

Parallel to this, growing inflation forced many to supplement their primary income – and one way to do this is tutor students in your spare time. Technology stepped in and home tutor apps – now known as EdTech companies – were born.

What are Home Tutor Apps?

Home tutor apps, edtech companies, or tutor on demand services, call it what you will these companies or applications offer a variety of services from tutor on demand to regular coaching in a single or multiple subjects. Home tutor apps have brought structure to the hitherto unorganized home tutoring sector in this digital era where customers expect everything from a cab ride to home cleaning services to be available via the ubiquitous smart phone.

Edtech apps have levelled the playing field in the arena of tutoring. Where earlier parents turned to friends and neighbours or local homemakers-turned-tutors for support with academics, tutoring is now a full-blown profession with tutors willing to travel long distances for work.

Some Important Distinctions

Before we dive in, some important points of distinction are worth a mention –

  • There is a subtle distinction between a tutor and a coach
  • Home tutor apps are different from learning apps – the latter focuses on self-learning rather than teaching.
  • Home tutors may conduct lessons at the students place or at their own place of residence or work
  • Fees are incumbent upon several factors including whether the tutor travels to the students’ place or vice versa.

The term “home tutor apps” does not limit the list for home-schooling – school going children may also benefit from the services of a home tutor.
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